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Hoai Huong Vuong Huynh - - +84902363330
Departure: 1. Ho Chi Minh - Siem Reap |(26$)
Date & Time: 06/25/2015 7:00
Number of tickets: 2
Discount: 4
Total : 52 $
Total payment: 48 $
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Term and Condition

1. Passengers have to attend to bus terminal 20 minutes before departure time.

2. Passengers don’t come on time, tickets are worthless.

3. Non refundable for tickets sold any case. On bus have reserves : towel, water, cake. On Vip Van have reserves only : towel, water

4. Over 5 years old child must buy ticket too.

5. In case of changing of departure must inform company in working time 4 days before. Just change the ticket for the same route, do not change the ticket for the opposite route or other routes.

6. Company will charge if the passengers’ luggage is more than 25kg as clothes suitcase only for big bus and 15kg for Vip Van.

7. Pets : dog, cat, arms, addicted drugs, smuggling products and other dangerous materials are not allowed to bring into the bus.

8. Not responsible for valuable or fragile thing that keep underneath of the bus.

9. In 10 minutes, if you do not paid money we cancel booking tickets.

10. This Prices are included all government taxes & credit card online payment transaction fee.

11. We provide free pickup upon request by customers 1 day before departure date. For free pickup service, customers contact direct to office 1 day before departure date. In Ho Chi Minh city, we pick-up only in 4 streets: Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, Do Quang Dau, Bui Vien (Note : Pick-up by Walk-in)

12. How to get tickets? Get your seat number with your ticket serial number that we will send it by email to you booked and paid by VISA, Master card. So the customer print it out or show the email of the serial ticket to get on bus.

13. In case of the seat is available, we are happy to change for you, But if the seat not available on our system, We would not change for you, Thank you.